At Moorcroft Service Station we provide vehicle diagnostics for modern cars.

We offer a full diagnostic service from a simple Code Read & Clear to a full system check & repair on most popular vehicles.

Air Con

From a simple Regas to a full Air Conditioning Service. We also offer diagnostics and repairs for your Air Con system – for more information on our Air Conditioning services, Click Here.


Our diagnostic services ensures your car is running correctly and efficiently.


All modern cars have an engine management system which produces warnings when there is something amiss. We use state of the art diagnostics tools to enable us to identify and fix any problems. These can be within the vehicles electrical systems, engine managements systems, or many of the other systems modern cars have.
All modern cars should have annual engine diagnostic check and unless you ask for this to be done as part of your annual service this may not be carried out.
We can perform any diagnostic checks that you may require, whether it is that annoying light on the dashboard or an annual check to make sure your engine is running to its peak performance


The most common faults that cause your engine light to come on are

  • MAF (Mass Air Flow) Meter
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Fueling System